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9/11 predicted on episode of Lone Gunmen

Six months before 9/11, an episode of the Lone Gunmen, which aired on FOX, depicted a rogue faction within the government remotely hijacking a commercial airliner to fly it into the World Trade Center under the cover of war games and as a pretext to boost the military industrial complex. The star of the show, Dean Haglund, has even gone public suggesting that the CIA dropped the script on the producer of the show. What this does is serve as a discrediting mechanism, because when somebody suggests that scenario really took place on 9/11 itself, as evidence suggests, people can say that person got it from a movie. So depicting 9/11 on a television show before 9/11 fictionalizes the truth.


U.S. agency’s strange 9/ll coincidence

The real story from this isn’t just that different parts of the government were doing drills very similar to what actually happened on 9/11, but that the National Reconnaissance Office sent its employees home when the real world events of 9/11 began to occur.

Think about this more carefully. The National Reconnaissance Office operates surveillance satellites which could have been used to monitor the Pentagon. In what way did the drills of the National Reconnaissance Office curtail surveillance of the Pentagon? Was the National Reconnaissance Office evacuated anterior to the Pentagon being hit?

If so, doesn’t it seem awkward that the Pentagon wasn’t evacuated despite the FAA notifying NEADS of incoming aircraft 15 minutes before impact, but the National Reconnaissance Office, which is the one agency that could have seen what actually hit the Pentagon, was evacuated before the Pentagon was hit?

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