Hijackers linked to tabloid

The information contained in this article is key, because it contains the nexus between the anthrax attack and the 9/11 attack. Keep in mind that the anthrax attack took place after 9/11, which means, following the government’s own conspiracy theory, the alleged hijackers were all dead. But I would say the mistake is to assume that what we’ve been told about 9/11 was true and that there were indeed hijackers.

Like I’ve said over and over, if the anthrax attack was an inside job – which it was pursuant to the government itself – and if it was nexused with 9/11, then how was 9/11 not an inside job?

I believe that when all the information is collected and amalgamated, the only scenario that makes sense is the alleged hijackers were patsies and that the planes were remotely piloted drones.

This article tells us that one of the targets that was hit by anthrax in Florida was a building occupied by a media publication edited by a man whose wife rented apartments to the alleged hijackers. The government calls it a big “coincidence”. If it wasn’t a “coincidence”, then there’s a problem – a major problem.

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